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Trausty – The Port Advisor is a service platform that connects ship operators, managers and owners (customers) with suppliers at various ports of the world (vendors). The platform bases its values in transparency, traceability, pricing and compliance, allowing customers to select preferred vendors, monitor their services and pay without intermediaries, while introducing review processes that allow them to rate their experiences.

The concept was initiated by its founder and CEO (Ricardo Lince) back in 2018 when seeking new opportunities to innovate his family owned 75-year-old shipping agency in Panama. The idea emerged observing that most communications between customers and vendors, vendors and ships, customers and agents, agents and vendors and authorities are far from efficient, having to constantly rely in manual processes of sending emails, making telephone calls and checking status of vessels arrivals during the progress of the service.

Today’s technological tools and digitization processes bring the opportunity to improve communication flow and coordinate services to the vessels, while reducing costs for all involved parties. At the same time, there is the possibility for customers to hire vendors that qualify for various services and open up competition in local markets.

Trausty promotes the creation of ecosystems for sectors serving the maritime sector, such as medical services, ship supplies, water taxi, delivery agents, etc, while promoting undiscriminated access by vendors to any client when complying with the required operational, financial, safety and health standards.

The platform is scheduled to launch in Panama during the 4th quarter of 2020. Every year, there are 18,000+ ships visiting the Panama Canal and other ports of the country. Once established in Panama, an expansion program for new ports, as well as, new services will be introduced encouraging customers to use a standard platform to hire their services worldwide.

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