| APRIL 1st, 2022

The wind doesn’t stop. “Wingcopter” drones are delivering spare parts to vessels on shore

Automation for delivery has been explored through the years for drones delivering packages to customers’ homes. This alternative is more cost-effective for delivery, and Wingcopter, the German-based aerospace company, is now looking to bring drone delivery into moving ships. 

Further regulations have come into scope, as airspace devices have to hold certifications to operate on a country’s airspace. Wingcopter, specifically, is partnering with German Airways, which already holds an Air Operator Certificate, allowing these drones to operate under the airline’s regulated wings.

Drone delivery is already used in other sectors, such as healthcare. Wingcopter’s drones can carry up to 5 kg of weight, and have outstanding wind and weather resistance. According to F-drones, and Marco Polo Marine, using drones for delivery could save costs up to 90% and would be faster than other traditional methods for deliveries (The Maritime Executive, 2022). 

F-drones is a Singapore-based company that has developed autonomous drones, and is currently developing a technology that can carry up to 100 kg, considering higher weights coming from cargo in the shipping industry. According to The Maritime Executive, this company has started testing carrying spare parts to vessels and delivering contactless documentation at high speeds. This aligns with the pandemic remains towards contactless deliveries, and prevents an agent or a vessel representative from coming onboard when they can focus on other activities which require much of their attention. 

Testing for delivering documents, spare parts, and supplies has been successful in Singapore. As of April 2021, Port Authority of Singapore allowed drone operations to work under a designated area for takeoff and landing, as well as a place for operators to set up trips. 

Do you think this is a near possibility in Panama for 2022? 

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