What is Trausty

Trausty – The Port Advisor is a service platform that connects ship operators, managers and owners (customers) with suppliers at various ports of the world (vendors). The platform bases its values in transparency, traceability, pricing and compliance, allowing customers to select preferred vendors, monitor their services and pay without intermediaries, while introducing review processes that allow them to rate their experiences.

Why use Trausty - The Port Advisor

Having standardized processes allows the appropriate validation of vendor certifications, code of ethics, sustainable environmental practices, promotion of equal opportunity and customer evaluation on services.


You deal directly with vendors with no hidden costs.

Fair Prices

Our business model finds qualified vendors who can generate enough volume to offer competitive prices.


Each of our vendors must meet the strictest standards required by customers, local and international authorities.


Trausty's® dashboard allows monitoring of service's progress in real time.

How Trausty Works

Users have control over all services provided and/or received with a standardized execution and no hidden fees.

    Ask for quotes

    Get real prices from a list of certified vendors.

    Order a service

    Generate and confirm purchase orders.

    Follow the execution

    Trace the progress of the service using Trausty’s online dashboard.

    Make a payment

    Use our secure payment platform for your wire transfers or credit cards.

    Rate our services

    Allow service quality improvements by rating our vendors.

Services Offered

We offer preferred services that your ships might need at any port, and are constantly adding new services to our offering.

If you are a service provider or a client requiring a service and would be interested in working with us, visit clients or vendors.

Panama Canal Transit Cost Calculator

All you need to provide is a number of known variables, and the calculator will immediately provide a detailed cost calculation.

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You will find a selection of local vendors to service regulatory and other required fumigation types for your vessels. Being a compulsory service for most vessels visiting Panama, Trausty selected this as its first offered service.

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Crew Handling

Provide crew contact details, flight information and hotel preferences, and Trausty will coordinate with vendors to issue visa, receive, host and mobilize the individual to its destination.

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Spare Parts

Provide transportation details of your spare parts and let Trausty coordinate with your selected vendor the appropriate receipt, delivery and clearance from/to your vessels.

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