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Promote your business and become a member of Trausty maritime community.Trausty cares about your business, giving you the opportunity to become a reputable service provider and gain the trust of the international maritime industry players.

Trausty vendors go through a rigorous screening process assisting them to generate the required documentation and compliance practices required by the local and international regulators.

Clients are able to check for the supporting documents for each service, including, but no limited, to corresponding permits, anticorruption/antibribery commitment, cyber-security policies, insurance policies, and others. Our friendly/trained staff is there to guide you on this initial phase.

Vendors that are cleared to register in Trausty are able to do so as a company . Companies must assign an “administrator” and as many “coordinators” as needed to monitor their requests.

A web dashboard, as well as mobile applications support the vendors progress while allowing them to input information on site for each corresponding action. This allows the clients to receive immediate information on the service via Trausty ® dashboard.

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